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Welcome Sylvie

We have so much exciting news to share! Not only is the new YNS online shop opening later this week, but we have a new release on the way AND we have a new addition to the YNS family!

Join us in welcoming Sylvie from @Kaliscards to the YNS Team!!!

Sylvie was a guest in May/June 2021. Once we saw her amazing creations we knew that we wanted to see more on a regular basis! Sylvie has this incredible knack for combining stamp sets to create darling scenes. Her cards are fun, creative and definitely smile inducing! We are sure that you will be amazed!

We wanted to give you a chance to learn more about Sylvie, so we asked her to answer some deep, thought provoking crafting questions…

What do you enjoy most about paper crafting?
Paper crafting gives me a lot! It’s a place and time where I can relax, be myself, be creative, generate positive vibes.
I like that you can learn at your own pace. I remember how scared I was before I started paper crafting. I was afraid not to be good at it and quickly give up.
It took me a couple years to finally decide to invest on alcohol markers and a die cutting machine! But eventually, I realized you can never fail; you just have to accept to start simple and develop your skills over time.
No matter how big a project is, the result will always be adorable (there are so many cute stamp sets that you can pick from!). And you never get bored; there are so many different techniques that you can learn over time!
And finally, paper crafting allows me to share some of these positive vibes with their recipients, which is priceless!!!

Favorite YNS Stamp set?
There are a lot! I think I love every single stamp set illustrated by Macy Wong. They have so many details;  they are sweet, cute and funny.
Her cats and bunnies are just adorable (Have you seen their paws? So cute!)!!!

Favorite papercrafting technique?
Masking! I like everything about the technique: imagining the scene and organizing placement, fussy cutting, unmasking and revealing the scene (Ahhh! Love that moment and just can’t wait to see the final result).
Masking is relaxing for me. It is also a great scene enabler and offers endless possibilities (from partial masking to creating more complex scenes with multiple layers). I’m also a great fan of one-layer cards; they are flawless to me.

What is your ideal way to spend the weekend?
Crafting, whenever I can. With the pandemic, I was able to craft most weekends for the past year and I enjoyed it very much!

Who inspires you?
The two loves of my life: my hubby (and his passion for pigs, planes and space, though not quite in this order, I hope) and our cat, Kali!
Oceane, one of my friends, is also a great source of inspiration. She lives in Canada and I live on the other side of the Atlantic, in France. We don’t get to see each other that often.
So, I like to picture her in her environment when she shares funny anecdotes or moments of her life, and that often leads to a card idea.
I sometimes like to step out of reality and imagine her cats interacting with mine, for instance.

We are looking forward to sharing Sylvie’s creations with the new September release products. The previews start on Monday and the team, including Sylvie, is ready to inspire you!

Happy Stamping!


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