Here We Grow!

Hi everyone!

While we await the set up of our website I thought I would start a blog to document this wonderful and exciting business venture we’ve decided to embark upon. At first my small business idea was, well, small and geared towards selling cool and funky embellishments for card making and now it has grown into creating really COOL and funky rubber stamps as well as all my favorite card making supplies. When I say we I mean myself and my super cool big sister who I’ve leaned on through this entire process. I’m sure she is a little bit terrified to open her email everyday since I am constantly sending her emails that say “check this out” and “what do you think of this” and “can you do this for me?” We all know she too has a healthy addiction for rubber stamps and card making so I know she secretly loves all my emails and long phone calls. I actually would like thank my entire family for all their continued support and shared excitement, I really couldn’t do any of this without them. Love you all very much!

So far a lot has happened so here is a brief low down…I’ve located all the baubles and bling for Your Next Stamp store as well as Copic markers and really cool ribbon and paper but I have to admit the most exciting find is Fhiona Galloway! She has designed the most adorable stamp character ever and we just love her! This rubber stamp character is so sweet and cute that we decided to name her after her designer 🙂 We hope to launch this exciting new line of “Fhiona” stamps this summer. Trust me when I say you will just adore her and all the fun adventures she will take you on during all your card making bliss!

Also in the works we’ve got some Alicia Charlton, Franfou and hopefully a few others that are in the pipeline designing some super cute and funky stamp designs that we hope will please many different card making styles. We can’t wait to see what they come up with!

I will visit here often to document all of my exciting progress! In the meantime happy stamping everyone!


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